Vanilla Beer artist

St Fulgencio of Ortricoli (oil painting, 30cm x 30cm, 360€).

Mid-6th century bishop of Otricoli, Italy.

Pope Saint Gregory the Great wrote about him...

When his city was being approached by the Ostrogoth army of King Totila, Fulgencio went out to meet him, first to plead for his city, then to bribe him into passing by. The Ostrogoths seized him and while Totila considered his next move, they drew a circle in the dirt, put the bishop in it and told the guards to kill him if he left it. Fulgencio began to suffer from being left in the sun, and prayed for relief; the sky clouded up and it rained heavily - except in the circle where Fulgencio was imprisoned.

He died of natural causes.