Vanilla Beer artist

SAINTS: - "Our Extended Family in Heaven"

Saints are part of our mythos.

Paintings of religious characters have always been a mystery; who knew how to make a portrait of a long-dead Saint?

---These thoughts of attribution, inspiration and of authority led me to paint saint portraits.

Which saints? I was careful to exclude any that had been photographed or painted in their lifetimes.

The old ones with barely known lives were attractive. A brief study revealed that before around 1010, when the Vatican congregation took charge, saints were called saints because their peer group assumed they had gone straight to heaven on their death with no need for the penitential purging of purgatory. These were the ones for me; chosen by the people for the people. Once a person is in heaven you can pray to them to intercede for you with God. You have a friend at court.

How? My subsequent selection procedure was simple. If I felt any sort of resonance, emotional or intellectual, co-incidental or plain euphonious when I was studying a saint, then I'd go for it.

The method too is straightforward; living with the information for a few days, I'd paint her/him. And when it looked back at me, I'd stop.

Here are some of them, small, 30 x 30 cms, oil on canvas.

The information that accompanies them is mostly taken from Wikipedia, where the curious can find more information, or Butlers Lives of the Saints.