Vanilla Beer artist

St Theodosia (oil painting, 30cm x 30cm, 360).

In Caesarea in 308, when Theodosia was eighteen, she saw a group of Christians being tortured by the governor of the town who had been trying to eradicate the cult. She congratulated them on their happiness and asked that they remember her in their prayers when they were with God.

The guards took her to the governor who had her stretched on the rack, tearing her sides and breasts with pincers, then cutting off her breasts. She suffered these tortures with aimiable cheerfulness; 'By your cruelty you procure me that great happiness which it was my grief to see deferred. I rejoice to see myself called to this crown and return hearty thanks to God for vouchsafing me such a favour.' She was still alive when the governor ordered her thrown into the sea.